Brake Lathes


There are only a few types of products where one manufacturer is the hands-down winner. Ammco’s brake lathe is one of those products. This brake lathe has been around for decades for a reason; it performs well, is reliable, and almost bullet proof. For those rare times when something does go wrong, we can normally get your lathe up and running again with one service call. One advantage of these lathes is that the design doesn’t change every year, so stock virtually every repair part available.


  In the market for a rebuilt lathe? We normally have one or two Rebuilt Ammco 4000’s in stock, and we are so confident in their performance we give them a 

6 month parts and labor warranty!


  Do you just need that one cone for a particular type of vehicle? Give us a call or stop by our shop. We stock many Lathe Accessories and can help you pick just the right one.