Lifts are the heart of every repair facility and are the most often overlooked tool in the shop. We are constantly amazed at shop owners who buy the cheapest lift on the market to hold 6000 lbs over their head every day. Of all the tools in the shop this is not the one we recommend scrimping on. A good lift can easily last more than a decade, require very few repairs, and give you peace of mind while you’re standing under a car. It will also only cost you a few cups of coffee every month over the cost of the cheapest  “internet only” special available.


 When was the last time you had your lifts inspected? Inspections are required by OSHA and are a great way to identify potential problems early.  


  A lift inspection would likely have shown that both of the safety mechanisms de- signed to keep this from happening were disabled or broken. Think of how bad this accident was, and how much worse it could have been.